Drug Rehabilitation

Being a chronic illness, drug addiction often get worse over the course of time and this is the high time when one should seek dedicated, psychological drug addiction treatment to get back the sobriety in life. So, in case your drug addiction has become addictive or if you are unable to get rid of the addiction by yourself, then you must seek professional assistance of the drugs rehab center immediately.

The drug addiction treatment offered by a drugs rehabilitation center mainly works with the goal of total abstinence. The scope of recovery improves greatly in case the addict is in a healthy condition and also has a good support of the family members and society.

For people with long term drug abuse, often it becomes very tough to get rid of the abusive behavior as the drugs become an important part of their life and they become almost incapable of imagining their life without drugs. Satisfying the drug craving becomes a stronger motivation than taking care of other needs of life. In this case, the Residential Drug Rehabilitation Program offered by the drugs rehabilitation centre in India works as the best available option.

Here in the drugs rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, the majority of the patients remain sober for years after going through complete detoxification, counseling and life skills training. Besides, being supported by counselors, other trained staff members and peers almost 24/7 and staying away from the destructive atmosphere help the patients to go through the recovery process quite easily.

During the treatment process in drugs rehab centre in Mumbai, the patients commonly stay in a therapeutic community and they start to learn the ways to live free from addictions while building on the strengths, changing the thinking pattern and improving the mental health and relationships. Besides, these days, the majority of the drug addiction treatment centers include therapeutic communities, which is an environment where the patients can recover safely as well as can know the way to change with the help of support groups, who have gone through almost similar experiences.

Now let’s have a look at the details of drug addiction treatment:

The initial step to drug addiction recovery starts when the addict admits that he/she has an issue and agrees to take help from a reputable drugs treatment centre. The entire treatment program has three different stages. These are:

Detox or detoxification- Drug abuse for a long term leads to residues of these substances leads to the cravings for these substances. This thing hinders the entire recovery procedure. Detox works as the initial step in the drug addiction recovery process that removes the addictive substances successfully. Here the addicts go through different withdrawal symptoms and this process is conducted under the proper supervision of trained staff members of the treatment centre including physicians and physiatrist.

  • Rehabilitation: The rehabilitation or the recovery process, a 12 step structured process is used that treats both addictive and dysfunctional behaviors. But this is not a mere procedure to stop abusing drugs. Rather this works as the foundation for beginning a new life and the recovery procedure mainly lasts for around 3-6 months. This program also helps the addicts to make lifestyle changes while managing the feelings, which therefore assist them to abstain from the habit of drug addiction.
  • Maintain of sobriety: Success of the drug rehabilitation process offered by the drugs treatment centre in Mumbaientirely depends on how sobriety can be maintained. Though here self motivation plays a major role, but support also works a major factor. Maintaining sobriety along with social and family support works as a crucial step to have regular Narcotic Anonymous (NA) meetings.